looking for an acting job

How to Get Work Acting

How do I get more auditions? What’s the best way to find acting work? How do I make money acting? If I don’t get answers soon, I’m going to lose my mind! Let me help prevent that from happening. If you’re brand new to acting and just want to try out a few non-union jobs,… keep reading »

film producers want

What Do Producers Want?

If you’re an actor or you want to be one, you’ll eventually be asking yourself “what are acting producers looking for?” Why does one person get cast and not the other? Why did this person play this part when someone else would have been much better? I had the wonderful opportunity to produce (from start… keep reading »

demo reel

How to Make a Great Demo Reel

Having a demo reel as an actor is extremely important because it will help you stand out from the crowd when submitted for an audition on Actors Access (AA). If you’re not familiar with Actors Access, you can read more about it here. When you’re submitted on AA and you include a demo reel, your… keep reading »

acting resume template

How to Format Your Acting Resume 101

When starting a career in acting, one of the first things you will be asked for is a headshot and a resume. Learn how get a high-quality headshot (for cheap) by reading this post. Besides having a great headshot, having a professional resume is very important and it speaks to casting directors by showing how… keep reading »

how to network with entertainment professionals feature

How to Network With Entertainment Professionals

All too often people make the mistake of contacting professionals in the entertainment industry in all the wrong ways. Here is the best way to keep in contact with professionals. 1) Keep your message as concise as possible. Long emails waste time and are┬áineffective. Most casting directors have to pass on reading these emails entirely… keep reading »